Do what?

What is Selenium WebDriver?
Selenium WebDriver (SWD for short), is an interface for automatically driving a web browser like a user might, across platforms (ex: Firefox on Linux, IE on Windows, Safari on OSX, etc), by writing scripts using bindings available for almost every popular language.
What is Ruby?
A very dynamic, easy to learn and use language that was made popular by the Ruby on Rails phenomenon which made developing web applications a snap. Ruby is not exclusive to the web (like Javascript), but can be used to create complex scripts and applications. Check out RubyMonk for some learning tutorials.
Who are you?
My name is Brian Goad. I work at ReverbNation as a Quality Assurance Engineer, maintaining our Selenium scripts and CI environments, as well as exploratory testing and learning more and more about performance monitoring. I first began to work with the Ruby SWD bindings in the beginning of 2012 after playing with the Java Selenium RC before that. I have since fallen in love with Ruby, its simplicity and power.
What’s this blog about?
“Selenium WebDriver and Ruby” details some of the problems and solutions I have found when directly working with the Ruby bindings of (Selenium) WebDriver. I will detail some of the headaches and frustrations, as well as some of the answers and solutions I have discovered in learning to make our SWD scripts stable(ish).

Any thoughts and viewpoints shared on this blog are my own, and do not neccessarily reflect the perspectives of my employer.


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